Number:Inc is seeking feature articles (1000-1500 words) for the Spring 2016 issue of Number. Feature articles should focus on the topical theme of each issue. Submissions not related to the theme will not be considered for print publication. Be sure to submit high quality images to support your writing.

Feature Article (FA) Guidelines:

  1. 1000-1500 words
  2. Saved as a Word document (doc.)
  3. 12 pt. Times New Roman, Double Spaced
  4. Italicize titles of art works, books, films, and articles
  5. Credit ideas, information, and images appropriately
  6. Gain permission for use of images (you may be required to provide proof of permission
  7. Follow naming conventions for all files
  8. Include high resolution TIFF or JPEG images (300 dpi @ 5"X7")
  9. Do not submit images taken from websites

File Naming Conventions

Written Submission

  • issue#_FA_lastname_firstname

Image File

  • Issue#_authorlastname_titleofwork_image#
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