Number:  seeks critical writing on visual art issues, art advocacy, and art education (700-1000 words). Preference is given to articles focusing on the TN, AR, MS region.

  1. Provide information on current issues impacting the arts and arts organizations
  2. Advocate for artists, arts organizations, and/or benefits of art to communities
  3. Cover art educational topics or activities

Submissions Guidelines:

  1. Saved as a Word document (.doc)
  2. 12 pt. Times New Roman, Double Spaced
  3. Italicize titles of art works, books, films, and articles
  4. Ideas, information, and images credited appropriately
  5. Permission for use of images (you may be required to provide proof of permission)
  6. Follow naming conventions for all files
  7. Include high resolution JPEG or TIFF images (300 dpi @ 5"X7")

File Naming Conventions

Written Submission

  • IAE_lastname_firstname

Image File

  • IAE_authorlastname_titleofwork_image#